The Pilgrim's Journey

Pray Like St. John Paul II Today

Bri CampbellLast Updated: October 21st, 2021Saints

“We can pray perfectly when we are out in the mountains  or on a lake and we feel at one with nature. Nature speaks for us or rather speaks to us. We pray perfectly” One of the more commonly known things about St. John Paul II is that he flourished in the outdoors. From the early … Read More

The Saints in our Lives

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: October 14th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

Throughout the early 80s, at the Saturday evening vigil Mass, an older couple always sat in the front pew on the right side of the aisle.  Each week they watched as, across the way, a young mother brought her preschool son to Mass, teaching him the ways of the faith and showing him the love … Read More

Build My Church

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: October 7th, 2021Saints

As we celebrate the feast of St. Francis this week, many will recall the vision he had from Jesus on the cross in the Church of San Damiano telling him to “Rebuild My Church.”  St. Francis took this literally, and began to rebuild the small church where he was praying, but then later realized it … Read More

Receiving Roses and Rest

Bri CampbellLast Updated: October 7th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

Tomorrow is the first of October, the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux. As one of Catholicism’s most popular saints, it should come as no surprise that her novena is also one that is frequently prayed and whose answers are most eagerly awaited for. Most commonly, those that pray this novena expect St. Therese to … Read More

A Saint’s Saintly Friend

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: October 7th, 2021Italy, Saints

In recent years, San Giovanni Rotondo, home of St. Padre Pio, receives millions of visitors annually.  During his lifetime, he personally received hundreds of thousands of penitent sinners and heard their confessions, with the goal of converting them further to Christ.  However, with some visitors from Naples, he had an odd response to them coming to see him. “Why do you … Read More

One Month, Seven Sorrows

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: September 9th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

The month of September brings us numerous feasts and commemorations, including the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15. In addition, traditionally, the entirety of the month is dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. These seven sorrows from various points in the life of the Blessed Mother are as follows: Prophecy of … Read More

The Lingering Spirit of St. Louis

Bri CampbellLast Updated: September 9th, 2021France, Saints

The name “St. Louis” is a midwestern staple. Known by most in the region as Missouri’s most popular city, it also lays claim to several other namesakes. Whether it’s the St. Louis Cardinals, the Spirit of St. Louis, or perhaps a rousing rendition of “Meet Me in St. Louis,” this name has a solid grasp … Read More

Mary Magdalene and her Red Egg

Jennifer LindbergLast Updated: July 21st, 2021Greece and Turkey, Holy Land, Saints

We all know the awe-inspiring story of Mary Magdalene, the first person Christ appeared to after his Resurrection. She was a true saint of hope running to tell the Apostles she had seen the Lord. They didn’t believe her until they ran to the tomb themselves. The unbelief of the Apostles steeled her for a … Read More

The One Who Places Things in Order

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: July 15th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

It was the late spring of 2007.  My car had just over 5,000 miles on it and I was in the midst of my first long solo road trip. In moving from Indiana to Maine for a summer job, I’d taken advantage of the time before my first day of work to visit my parents … Read More

The Saints in Our Lives

Bri CampbellLast Updated: August 27th, 2021Saints, Uncategorized

As time goes on, I’m constantly amazed at the connections, relationships, and opportunities that the Lord has made possible in my life. Reflecting on the past, it’s so easy to see where the Lord has answered my prayers and moved me along His path by simply putting people in my life. As you look throughout … Read More

Things St. Augustine Never Said

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: August 27th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

St. Augustine was a man of many words. Five million, to be precise. At least, that is how many of his written words remain to this day. This includes books, letters, and sermons, and is not even the entirety of what Augustine created during his life. With all of these writings, there come some famous … Read More

Two Hearts to Love

Bri CampbellLast Updated: September 9th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

Humankind has an obsession with the heart. “But don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart…” “And my heart will go on and on…” “You’ll be in my heart…” “Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame…” “Don’t go breaking my heart…” “Listen to your heart…” Songs for ages have revolved around the heart – … Read More

Mother of the Church

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: August 27th, 2021Saints

On Monday of this week, we celebrated a world-wide feast for only the fourth time ever – the Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church.  Though the idea and basic theology of Mary as Mother of the Church have been around since at least the 4th century, it wasn’t until 2018 that Pope Francis elevated … Read More

The Greatest Belgian Lived in Hawaii

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: May 13th, 2021Saints

The city of Santiago de Compostela has been looking forward to 2021 since the end of 2010 for a very important reason – it is the next Holy Year (Jubilee) of Santiago! These Jubilee years occur whenever the Feast of St. James (July 25th) falls on a Sunday. The next time this will happen will be 2027.

The Dignity of Work

Bri CampbellLast Updated: May 13th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

This past year has brought a lot of attention to a most beloved and humble saint. In the midst of a confusing pandemic, declining affiliation with the faith, and overall detriment of the family unit, what better saint could we have called upon than the Protector of the Holy Church, Pillar of Families, and Terror … Read More