The Pilgrim's Journey

A Man for the Times

Bri CampbellLast Updated: January 20th, 2022Domestic Church, Saints, Spiritual Reflections

Last January 23, I completed my first Consecration to St. Joseph by Fr. Donald Calloway. This was during the Year of St. Joseph as proclaimed by Pope Francis on December 8, 2020. Encouraged by the testimonies of friends and my parish priest who had already begun the consecration, I decided to begin myself and picked … Read More

Living Holy Lives During the Ordinary Time

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: January 13th, 2022Spiritual Reflections

The longest, and often most misunderstood, liturgical season is that of Ordinary Time. Ordinary, in this sense, comes from the Latin word ordinalis, meaning “numbered.” The weeks of Ordinary Time are numbered through 33 or 34 (depending on the year and how the moveable feasts fall). There are two distinct periods of Ordinary Time that … Read More

Finding Hope in Christ During Easter

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: January 6th, 2022Spiritual Reflections

As our pilgrimage through the liturgical year continues, we arrive at Easter – the peak of the liturgical year.  While it may seem odd to reflect upon Easter just after Christmas, the two are intrinsically linked.  There would be no Easter without Christmas, and Christmas would not have the same meaning if Easter had never … Read More

Celebrating Our Mother on New Year’s Day

Bri CampbellLast Updated: December 30th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

Mothers’ Day almost always takes me by surprise. Falling in the first week of May, it seems like I never have any warning to buy the perfect gift or write the perfect card before April suddenly ends and I find myself looking Mothers’ Day in the face. I can’t say the same about the other … Read More

Praying with Christ During the Triduum

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: January 6th, 2022Spiritual Reflections

After Lent comes the shortest liturgical season – the Triduum.  Encompassing many traditions and unique liturgies, it is the beginning of the pinnacle of the liturgical year. As Pope Pius XII wrote in his encyclical, Mediator Dei (On the Sacred Liturgy): In Holy Week, when the most bitter sufferings of Jesus Christ are put before … Read More

Remembering the Way of the Cross During Lent

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: January 6th, 2022Spiritual Reflections

Another season of recollection and penance is Lent.  Beginning with Ash Wednesday – anytime between February 4 and March 10 – it is a six-week period characterized by increases in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. One common devotion during Lent is the praying of the Stations of the Cross. This devotion grew out of a desire … Read More

Retracing the Nativity During Advent

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: January 6th, 2022Spiritual Reflections

The first season of the liturgical year is Advent, which is followed quickly by Christmas.  The readings during this time focus on the inevitable Second Coming of Christ as well as His first coming over 2,000 years ago.  It is a time to slow down and reflect upon how we are living our lives today … Read More

Remembering to Give Thanks

Tekton MinistriesLast Updated: November 24th, 2021Domestic Church, Spiritual Reflections

As we reflect today on everything we are grateful for, we turn to Scripture for some timeless words of gratitude.  Consider the following printable our gift of thanks to you.  Please feel free to print and cut out the following scripture cards and use them at place settings or just small reminders of the gift … Read More

A Pilgrimage Through the Liturgical Year

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: January 6th, 2022Spiritual Reflections

This Sunday, we will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King.  It is the last Sunday of Ordinary Time, as well as the last Sunday of the liturgical year. Next week is Catholic New Year – the first Sunday of Advent. For over 2000 years, the Church has been refining and reforming the liturgical calendar.  … Read More

The Saints in our Lives

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: October 14th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

Throughout the early 80s, at the Saturday evening vigil Mass, an older couple always sat in the front pew on the right side of the aisle.  Each week they watched as, across the way, a young mother brought her preschool son to Mass, teaching him the ways of the faith and showing him the love … Read More

Receiving Roses and Rest

Bri CampbellLast Updated: October 7th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

Tomorrow is the first of October, the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux. As one of Catholicism’s most popular saints, it should come as no surprise that her novena is also one that is frequently prayed and whose answers are most eagerly awaited for. Most commonly, those that pray this novena expect St. Therese to … Read More

One Month, Seven Sorrows

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: September 9th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

The month of September brings us numerous feasts and commemorations, including the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15. In addition, traditionally, the entirety of the month is dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. These seven sorrows from various points in the life of the Blessed Mother are as follows: Prophecy of … Read More

The One Who Places Things in Order

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: July 15th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

It was the late spring of 2007.  My car had just over 5,000 miles on it and I was in the midst of my first long solo road trip. In moving from Indiana to Maine for a summer job, I’d taken advantage of the time before my first day of work to visit my parents … Read More

Remember the Trails

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: August 27th, 2021Camino de Santiago, Spiritual Reflections

A few days ago, a memory popped up on my phone. It was a picture of a small group of pilgrims, myself included, enjoying ice cream in a little shop on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, exactly eight years ago. That afternoon before enjoying our ice cream, we (a total of 49 of … Read More

Things St. Augustine Never Said

Andrea JoinesLast Updated: August 27th, 2021Saints, Spiritual Reflections

St. Augustine was a man of many words. Five million, to be precise. At least, that is how many of his written words remain to this day. This includes books, letters, and sermons, and is not even the entirety of what Augustine created during his life. With all of these writings, there come some famous … Read More