Pilgrimage Activity Levels

We have assigned one of the following activity levels to each of our pilgrimages to help you decide on which pilgrimage best fits your needs and to enable you to physically prepare for your pilgrimage if necessary. Please check the specific pilgrimage you are interested in for its designated level.

Level 1 - Easy

A Walk in the Park
“I like to be outside and to explore a little, but I also like to sit down and take in the views around me.”
  • Minimal walking between sites, terrain with slight to minimal imperfections, could be standing for long periods of time in lines or at holy sites, time to rest in prayer at the sites, some stairs, sidewalks and streets with low to medium grade, on and off bus (sometimes daily)
  • Up to 2 miles (5,000 steps) per day

Level 2 - Moderate

  • Moderate walking between sites and shrines, walking on terrain with slight to moderate imperfections (including cobblestones and curbs), may be standing for long periods of time in lines or at holy sites, some time to prayerfully rest at the sites, moderate amount of stairs, you will encounter low to medium grades and have opportunities to explore on your own, on and off bus daily
  • Up to 3-4 miles (10,000 steps) per day
On the Move
“I like to get moving and take in everything! I want to see as much as I can, but I don’t mind a break here and there.”

Level 3 - Challenging

Howdy, Pilgrim
“I have a knack for adventure, and will do whatever necessary to obtain it! I’m game for anything, and don’t mind enduring long days to get my fill!”
  • Some periods of extensive walking between shrines and holy sites, varied terrain which may include moderate to extensive stairs and low to high grades, may use public transportation or on/off the bus daily, standing for long periods of time in lines or at sites, may be minimal resting time at some sites, some opportunities to explore on your own
  • Up to 5-6 miles (15,000 steps) per day

Level 4 - Strenuous

  • Majority of time spent walking, varied terrain, little to no transportation between sites/resting places, standing and walking for long periods of time, minimal resting time, moderate to extensive stairs, low to high grades, majority of time spent on your own
  • 9+ miles per day
Stairway to Heaven
“I’m ready to enter into a tough spiritual and physical journey. I’m prepared for long and full days; my time on this pilgrimage is definitely going to bring me abundant graces!”