A Prayer for Times of Need

Bri Campbell    |   Last Updated: March 24, 2022
A Prayer for Times of Need

Today is the feast of St. Martin of Tours, an early saint from the fourth century. After experiencing a conversion to Christianity at the age of 10, Martin became a steadfast follower of Christ. Upon turning 15, he had to report for duty in the Roman army, where he was eventually stationed in France.

As the son of a military leader, Martin never found himself wanting for anything. When he was 18, he was approaching the gates of a city when he passed a poor man on the street. He was cold and with little clothing, so Martin took his sword from his belt and cut his own cloak in half, giving it to the beggar. That night as he slept, Martin dreamt of the man who had received his cloak, but instead of the man he met on the street, it was Jesus who was wearing the half-garment. It was after this dream that Martin decided to be baptized.

Later in life, St. Martin would become a hermit and bishop of Tours. He is now revered as the patron of beggars and tailors. Every year on his feast day, cultures around the world celebrate Martinmas with different foods and often paper lanterns and carols.

As St. Martin was so kind to the beggar, it is a popular devotion to call upon the intercession of St. Martin when one finds themselves in need. The prayer below can be used to invoke the prayers of St. Martin should you ever need something.

Blessed Saint Martin of Tours, full of the Spirit of the Lord always having inexhaustible charity for the needy.

You, who full of love and generosity when you saw the beggar that was freezing from cold, without knowing that in truth he was Christ, did not doubt to give him half of your cape, and did not give it completely to him since the other half belonged to the Roman army; you, who did not seek recognition but only to favor your neighbor, found glory before the Lord. And when the Savior appeared to you dressed with the half-cape so as to express appreciation for your gesture and He told you “today you covered me with your mantle”, you decided to no longer serve the army and to dedicate your life to God and to the salvation of souls, being from then on a propagator of the faith and a holy man totally dedicated to whomever was in need.

Glorious Saint Martin, you who worked miracles and prodigies, who with joy, amiability and the most exquisite goodness won over the hearts of all and did not cease to ever work for their well being: give me your hand and help me to come out of all lack and scarcity which today afflicts me and weighs me down.

Glorious Saint Martin, my blessed patron, I humbly ask you with great faith that you attain from God, the fount of all Mercies that my ways on this earth, my work and my toils be cleansed and opened with clarity. In the name of Omnipotent God, Saint Martin of Tours, remove all that harms me and give me work and prosperity. O blessed relief, give me your saintly protection, assist me, I beg you, in these difficult times:

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Say Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be



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