Holy Land Pilgrimage

Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus

Catholic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

A Holy Land pilgrimage is a life-changing experience that makes the Gospel come alive. Imagine standing in the room where Mary said “yes” to the angel Gabriel. Visiting the place where Jesus was born. Renewing your baptismal vows in the waters where Jesus was baptized. Standing in the Upper Room where Jesus celebrated the Last Supper. Walking the Way of the Cross. And entering Jesus’ empty tomb. Holy Land pilgrimages allow us to prayerfully walk in the footsteps of Jesus and connect the stories we have heard about Our Lord in the actual places they transpired.
Holy Land Pilgrimage


All pilgrimages are led by Catholic priests and include daily Mass at a sacred site or church in the Holy Land. In addition, Tekton only partners with guides who are Christian/Catholic and share the sanctity of our holy Scripture.
We Plan.  You Pray.


We plan it all – travel, accommodations, and two meals a day – so you can forget about the details and enjoy a transformative experience! We even help you prepare spiritually, beginning six months prior to your departure!
Safe and Secure


Rest assured that from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, your safety is paramount. Our guides, drivers, and hotels are carefully vetted for safety and security. We never travel to areas on the U.S. State Department “alert” list.
Slow and Serenc


Jerusalem is the “City of God” and “City of Peace.” With Tekton, you won’t zoom through the holy sites or be thrust on a tourist treadmill. A peaceful pace provides ample time to reflect on God’s Word and each day’s experiences.

Walking in the Footsteps of Christ

Connecting Jesus’ Experience to My Own

“When I was at Calvary with my right hand touching the hole in which Jesus' cross once stood, I felt like the woman in the Bible who wanted to touch Jesus' hem to be healed. I was that woman in tears.”
- Thelma T., 2017 Holy Land Pilgrim

Experience the Holy Land

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is more than a religious tour. It is an experience of faith, a voyage to deepen one’s desire to know Christ better. It is turning to the places “in which God has chosen to ‘pitch his tent,’ among us,” as St. John Paul II said about his own pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Enter into the sacred spaces of the Annunciation of Mary. See the place of Christ’s birth. Follow the steps Simon of Cyrene took to help Christ carry his cross and of his Apostles who witnessed his first miracles. Journey with us to the land where Christ prayed, suffered, and rose from the dead.
Tekton Ministries is obviously extremely well-connected with all associated personnel at the pilgrimage locations! I was completely pleased with any and every aspect of this trip. Tekton's planning and administration of our pilgrimage couldn't have been better!
- Fr. Joseph Klee, Pilgrim from Columbus, Ohio


Listen to the words of the parables as you sit on the Mount of Beatitudes. Sail across the Sea of Galilee and walk the streets of Capernaum. Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane and walk the Palm Sunday road where Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem. Touch the Calvary hill, and witness the emptiness of the Tomb. All the sites of the Holy Land make Scripture come to life and your faith will never be the same again!


Follow the steps of Mary and Joseph as they prepared for Christ’s birth. See where the Angels announced Christ’s birth and visit the places that grew the Christian Community.


The sacred place where Mary carried Christ in her womb after the message from an angel. Ponder that momentous occasion of the Annunciation more than 2,000 years ago.


The oldest city on earth, where Christ was baptized in the Jordan River, cured the blind and rejected Satan in the desert for 40 days.
Sea of Galilee


See where Christ gave his powerful sermon on the Eucharist. Step where much of Christ’s ministry spanned: his first miracle, the calling of the Apostles and the Transfiguration.


One of the most beautiful sites in the Holy Land and the birthplace of John the Baptist, where Mary greeted Elizabeth and proclaimed her Magnificat (Luke 1:39-45)


A sea-port village where Peter, the first pope, preached and baptized. Where St. Paul was imprisoned for the faith and a land of prophets who paved the way for Christ’s triumph.


The Old City of Jerusalem is divided into four quarters and is entered by one of seven gates. It is home to the Western Wall (also called the Wailing Wall) and nearly 40 holy sites for Christians.


The Mount of Olives offers a panoramic view of Jerusalem and is where Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, wept in agony before his crucifixion, and ascended into heaven.


Mount Zion is the highest point in ancient Jerusalem and serves as the symbol for the whole city and the Promised Land. It is the site of the Last Supper and many important events in scripture.
“Being in the Holy Land has strengthened my faith and given me a different perspective on the gospel stories. Now I can say, ‘I was there and felt the presence of Jesus in every step along the way.’ Everything was absolutely inspiring, and such wonderful friendships were made as we walked together!”
-Patsy M., Holy Land Pilgrim 2018

Why Choose Tekton?

Tekton Ministries has been leading Catholic pilgrimages for more than 20 years. We work and listen closely to our priests and pilgrimage leaders to create thoughtfully planned itineraries. We help make the Catholic faith more tangible to your daily life by taking you where the seeds of Catholicism were first planted to be spread across the world. Daily Mass and time for prayerful reflection are important parts of each day’s experience.
25+ Years in Ministry
True pilgrimage – not religious tours
Custom-crafted itineraries
Authentic Catholic experiences
Inclusive, competitive pricing
Properly paced itineraries include daily Mass and time for reflection
Only Catholic/Christian guides
Prayerful pre-pilgrimage preparation
Custom guidebooks, name and luggage tags
Local offices and support worldwide
Free pilgrimage promotion materials
Easy online registration means no extra effort for your busy staff

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