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A pilgrimage is more than just a Catholic tour – it is an encounter with the living God. Pilgrimage has been part of the Christian tradition for centuries, since the earliest Apostles and followers of Christ. Enhance your spiritual journey by answering the call of Jesus: “Come follow Me.” With 25 years’ experience offering pilgrimage tours all over the world, Tekton Ministries is a leader in Catholic Christian travel. We invite you to explore our pilgrimage offerings and allow us to help you encounter Christ through one of our pilgrimages.
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Pilgrimage Groups

From sites and shrines dedicated to your patron saint to celebrating your parish community, Tekton Ministries provides customized and personalized itineraries for your group’s needs. No matter the number of pilgrims, or desired location, we will collaborate with you to create the best experience for your pilgrims.

Here are some of the organizations we've created pilgrimage groups for:

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See where the foundations of the Catholic faith are displayed to the eyes of the world. To visit Italy is to journey to the past as history comes alive.
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Touch the relics of saints who lived and died for the Catholic faith, walk in ancient civilizations, and pray in front of awe-inspiring masterpieces on this Jubilee Year pilgrimage.
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Visit a place where saints healed the sick, grew the faith, and the True Presence of Christ is witnessed in Eucharistic Miracles that point to Christ’s teachings on the Eucharist on this Jubilee Year pilgrimage.
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“To go on pilgrimage really means to step out of ourselves in order to encounter God where he has revealed himself…”
- Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
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