Pilgrimage Testimonials

Read what other pilgrims have shared about their experiences with Tekton Ministries. You can sort by location by clicking on the destination buttons in blue. If you would like to submit your own testimonial about your experiences with Tekton Ministries, please click here.
"The pilgrimage was fantastic, there is no way to experience so much without taking the trip through a tour service. I was absolutely amazed at how much we were able to see and do. The day we arrived we were quickly on our way to all the scheduled stops for day 2. Very impressed from the very start."
Emma P.Pilgrim from Leeds, AL
"My favorite moment was offering Mass on the altar of Pope St. Gregory the Great in St. Peter's."
Fr. Sean D.Pilgrim from Pawhuska, OK
Holy Land
"I am a middle school teacher who teachers Social Studies and Theology, the pilgrimage has given me renews passions and ideas for reaching teenage students."
Melissa Z.Pilgrim from Omaha, NE
"It was a wonderful trip and hard to pinpoint a favorite moment. However, I am very happy we got to travel to Northern Ireland. I found Belfast very intriguing. I learned a lot through the whole trip as we visited the beautiful Churches and shrines."
Kathleen L.Pilgrim from Bloomington, IL
Marian Shrines
"The Marian focus structured our prayer, both personal and communal, and our reflection, giving room for Saint James and Saint Ignatius. The smaller group was ideal actually. By the second day we bonded and everyone knew everyone else's name. There was lots of personal sharing too over the course of the pilgrimage. Of the eight pilgrimages I have taken, this one was the most congenial and the most united and harmonious. Some of that reality was because of [our tour manager] as well."
Fr. John R.Pilgrim from Indianapolis, IN
Santiago de Compostela
"There were so many favorite moments along the Camino. Our tour guide was incredible. She was very resourceful, full of interesting facts and insights about the Camino, and truly enjoyed her sense of humor. In retrospect, the layout of the tour was wonderful, as we eased into our 6-day walk with first visiting Avila. All of the hotels along the way were always clean, well-equipped with amenities (even hair dryers), and many of the dinners were excellent.

Our group of pilgrims was wonderful. I feel like I have 20 new friends, that I will certainly keep in touch with over the next years. Thank you for all that you did to make this such a memorable pilgrimage for us all."
Donna S.Pilgrim from Charlotte, NC
"This was our second pilgrimage with Tekton and we have experienced so many beautiful sites! Our guides have gone above and beyond! We have been blessed with our prilgrimages!"
Michael W.Pilgrim from Morrisonville, NY
Holy Land
"After experiencing the Holy Land where Jesus walked, whenever I hear the Gospels I will be able to picture exactly where He walked."
Mary L.Pilgrim from Lincoln, NE
"The experience has changed me in a way that is difficult to explain. I have told my friends and family that taking a pilgrimage is something everyone should do if they want to experience an increase in faith and understanding of what God wants from us."
Emma P.Pilgrim from Leeds, AL
Pilgrimage Testimonials