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Young Tekton Pilgrims Headed to World Youth Day

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Recently, The Catholic Moment, the diocesan newspaper for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana carried a story by Catholic News Service talking about Pope Francis’ trip to Brazil in July.  Some may say, “Brazil?!? Why is he going to Brazil?”  Well, if you didn’t know, you do now.  Three little words with a huge meaning- World.  Youth. … Read More

You Don’t See This Every Day

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Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus- Benedict XVI Talking about pilgrimages, you can’t make a Tekton Pilgrimage to Rome and see this every day!  “Get it while the gettin’s good,” as they say. This one will make it to the Time “Life” series for sure!  Thanks to Fr. Rocco Palmo at Whispers in the Loggia for posting it.

FOCUS to Host REACH Event in Philly

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FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is hosting yet another REACH event, this time in Philadelphia on May 10th.  What is REACH?  As they put it, “REACH is an opportunity for local community members to gather in prayer and fellowship, to encounter Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, to hear the words of inspirational speakers, and to learn more … Read More

Tekton Pilgrimage Priest Makes Headlines

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Reading through the Catholic news this morning, I came across an article on Catholic News Agency titled, “New film shows dramatic revival of Omaha parish,” by Carl Bunderson.   The name of the priest responsible for this renewal is Fr. Damien Cook.  Father was a Tekton pilgrim a few years ago!   Reflecting on the article helped … Read More

Cardinal Dolan on Pilgrimages and Renewed Faith

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Reading through some of Cardinal Dolan’s blog, I remembered he had taken a pilgrimage with 50 of his priests to the Holy Land.  He talked about it as an opportunity to renew their faith.  Read his post to see why pilgrimages, especially to the Holy Land, are so important for our Christian faith.