Whether it be St. Patrick Cathedral, the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock, or the peaceful rolling hills and countryside, Ireland is filled not only with Church history but also with heritage, beauty, and tradition.

The history and beauty of old Dublin come seamlessly to a pilgrim as you explore the city, including the two medieval cathedrals, St. Patrick’s and Christ Church.

St. Kevin, the mystic monk, founded the community here at Glendalough in the 6th century that would become one of Ireland’s most prolific monastic communities. In addition to the churches and cells, the settlement still has workshops, guesthouses, an infirmary, barns, and a few houses.

St. Brigid’s Cathedral in Kildare has been destroyed and rebuilt nearly 20 times since her passing in 523. Brigid cared deeply for the poor, had many healing miracles attributed to her, and through her communities of nuns helped further the conversion of Ireland and is one of the country’s two patron Saints.

Kylemore Abbey, built as a castle in 1867, was purchased by Benedictine Nuns who fled Belgium at the outset of World War 1. Today the abbey, Victorian gardens, and mini-Gothic church are open to the pilgrims for visiting and prayer.

The beauty of the art and architecture of the Galway Cathedral is matched in its ability to show the goodness of God by the Cliffs of Moher, where you cannot help but stand in awe of His creation.

Upcoming Ireland Pilgrimages

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Medjugorje9/26/201710/5/2017$1,995NewarkDownload Brochure
Santiago de Compostela10/3/201710/14/2017$3,070New York JFKDownload Brochure
Holy Land10/10/201710/20/2017$2,750DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land10/18/201710/29/2017$2,940ChicagoDownload Brochure
Italy - Pastoral Reflections Institute11/3/201711/12/2017$5,330DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land11/6/201711/17/2017$3,620Minneapolis Saint PaulDownload Brochure
Medjugorje/ Fr. Sudac Retreat11/24/201712/4/2017$1,995Chicago O'HareDownload Brochure
Holy Land11/28/201712/8/2017$3,095New York JFKDownload Brochure
Medjugorje/ Fr. Sudac Retreat11/29/201712/9/2017$2,175Chicago O'HareDownload Brochure
Italy12/27/20171/5/2018$3,105IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land1/22/20182/1/2018$3,340IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land1/29/20182/9/2018$3,125DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land2/2/20182/12/2018$3,995IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land2/19/20183/1/2018$TBDPittsburghBrochure not yet available.
Italy3/8/20183/19/2018$3,540SeattleDownload Brochure
France3/9/20183/18/2018$3,355CincinnatiDownload Brochure
Greece and Turkey4/16/20184/27/2018$3,310SeattleDownload Brochure
Holy Land4/17/20184/28/2018$3,135BostonDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/4/20185/14/2018$2,775New York JFKDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/14/20185/24/2018$3,920LincolnDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/29/20186/8/2018$2,530TampaDownload Brochure
Italy6/4/20186/14/2018$3,275IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Ireland8/21/20188/31/2018$TBDCincinnatiBrochure not yet available.
Holy Land6/25/20187/5/2018$3,395CincinnatiDownload Brochure
Italy6/4/20186/15/2018$3,795LincolnDownload Brochure
Germany4/16/20184/27/2018$3,675IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land6/19/20186/29/2018$3,570OmahaDownload Brochure
Marian Shrines9/12/20189/23/2018$TBDOmaha / Lincoln*Brochure not yet available,
Italy3/16/20183/25/2017$2,650Omaha*Brochure not yet available,