France is a unique destination that is rich in faith, culture, and culinary traditions.

Notre Dame, the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, and the town of Lisieux – home to St. Therese, the origins of the Sacred Heart devotion, Chartres Cathedral, St. John Vianney, and countless other key moments, locations, and people are woven together in a beautiful tapestry that makes up the Catholic history of France.


Here at the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal is where St. Catherine Laboure received a vision of Mary that inspired the medal and its devotion in 1830. Today, St. Catherine’s incorrupt body is in repose here.

A marvel of late-Gothic architecture, St. Eustache has been a place of worship for Louis XIV and Mozart. The pipe organ here is the largest in France.

The Cathedral for the Archdiocese of Paris is one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture in the world, so much that John de Jandun said of it, “That most glorious church of the most glorious Virgin Mary, mother of God, deservedly shines out, like the sun among stars.” 

Louis IX commissioned this breathtaking chapel to hold relics associated with the Passion of Christ, including the crown of thorns (now held at Notre Dame). The beauty of this little chapel and its stained glass windows are almost transcendental in their ability to bear witness to the Divine.

Although it’s the second-largest pipe organ in Paris, Saint-Sulpice has perhaps the richest tradition of sacred music and talented organists. Sundays the organ plays 30 minutes before, during, and for 30 minutes after 11am Mass and also at the 6:45pm Mass.


UNESCO says that Chartres Cathedral is a “masterpiece” and “the highpoint of Gothic art”, and while the beauty of the church moves the soul, it is something else that has been drawing pilgrims here for centuries. The “Sancta Camisa”, the veil worn by Mary when she gave birth to Christ, is on display in a reliquary and has been at Chartres since the 9th century.

Since the 11th century a monastery has topped the little island just off the coast of Normandy. It has been used as a military defense post, jail, city, and now pilgrim site to nearly 3 million people per year who are drawn to this mystic island and the monastic community there.

Pilgrims seek out this Basilica Cathedral, not just for beautiful art and design but also to follow the footsteps of St. Joan of Arc who was here for Mass in May of 1429 as she lifted that town from its siege.

Founded by St. Irenaeus in the second century, the diocese of Lyon has some of the oldest Catholic roots of France. The current Cathedral was built in the 12th century atop the church that had been there since the 6th century.
This modern basilica, built in the town where St. Therese lived and died, has a crypt below where the Saints incorrupt body is at rest. In 1944 residents of Lisieux and the Carmelites took refuge in the crypt during World War II for the summer months until all of France was liberated.

Upcoming France Pilgrimages

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