Walk with St. Paul through modern day Greece and Turkey.

You will go where he proclaimed the Gospel through Corinth, Philippi, and Ephesus and many other of the earliest Christian communities of the first two centuries.


Athens is full of treasures from the ancient world, both academic and architectural. Today it is home to the Cathedral and Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church.

St. Paul lived for two years in Corinth as he evangelized and spread the faith.

For a thousand years monks have been living on the cliffs at Meteora and 500 years ago they built the seven monasteries that are still there today.

Thessaloniki is another major city where Paul traveled and preached during his ministry. The New Testament letter to the Thessalonians was written to this community.

Kavala is the ancient port town where St. Paul first landed in Greece with Timothy and Silas. It was also the first European city to convert to Christianity.


St. John wrote about Izmir (ancient Smyrna) in the book of Revelation and today the Diocese and Cathedral of Izmir are dedicated to him.

Not far from Kusadasi is the ancient house of Mary, where she was brought by St. John as he was entrusted to her care until her Dormition and assumption into heaven.

In a cave on this remote island, St. John received the divine revelation recorded in the final book of the Bible.

The Temple of Artemis – one of the Seven Wonders of the World – once stood in Ephesus and Paul often preached there to win souls for Christ. Today there are churches at tomb of St. Luke and also at the former tomb of St. John.

Istanbul’s Christian roots are some of the oldest in the world outside of Jerusalem. Come explore the ancient and modern Catholic traditions here.

Upcoming Greece and Turkey Pilgrimages

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Medjugorje9/26/201710/5/2017$1,995NewarkDownload Brochure
Santiago de Compostela10/3/201710/14/2017$3,070New York JFKDownload Brochure
Holy Land10/10/201710/20/2017$2,750DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land10/18/201710/29/2017$2,940ChicagoDownload Brochure
Italy - Pastoral Reflections Institute11/3/201711/12/2017$5,330DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land11/6/201711/17/2017$3,620Minneapolis Saint PaulDownload Brochure
Medjugorje/ Fr. Sudac Retreat11/24/201712/4/2017$1,995Chicago O'HareDownload Brochure
Holy Land11/28/201712/8/2017$3,095New York JFKDownload Brochure
Medjugorje/ Fr. Sudac Retreat11/29/201712/9/2017$2,175Chicago O'HareDownload Brochure
Italy12/27/20171/5/2018$3,105IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land1/22/20182/1/2018$3,340IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land1/29/20182/9/2018$3,125DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land2/2/20182/12/2018$3,995IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land2/19/20183/1/2018$TBDPittsburghBrochure not yet available.
Italy3/8/20183/19/2018$3,540SeattleDownload Brochure
France3/9/20183/18/2018$3,355CincinnatiDownload Brochure
Greece and Turkey4/16/20184/27/2018$3,310SeattleDownload Brochure
Holy Land4/17/20184/28/2018$3,135BostonDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/4/20185/14/2018$2,775New York JFKDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/14/20185/24/2018$3,920LincolnDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/29/20186/8/2018$2,530TampaDownload Brochure
Italy6/4/20186/14/2018$3,275IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Ireland8/21/20188/31/2018$TBDCincinnatiBrochure not yet available.
Holy Land6/25/20187/5/2018$3,395CincinnatiDownload Brochure
Italy6/4/20186/15/2018$3,795LincolnDownload Brochure
Germany4/16/20184/27/2018$3,675IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land6/19/20186/29/2018$3,570OmahaDownload Brochure
Marian Shrines9/12/20189/23/2018$TBDOmaha / Lincoln*Brochure not yet available,
Italy3/16/20183/25/2017$2,650Omaha*Brochure not yet available,