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5 Reasons You Can Bet It’s Safe to Travel to the Holy Land

R RLast Updated: July 13th, 2020Holy Land

Many pilgrims and potential pilgrims are asking if it is safe to go to the Holy Land on pilgrimage. The answer is YES! Here are 5 sure ways you know it’s safe to travel to the Holy Land. 1. 18 Bishops just got back from there on September 18th. Bishops don’t go somewhere they don’t … Read More

Dominus Flevit officially begins restoration

R RLast Updated: February 8th, 2021Holy Land

(ATS) The restoration of Dominus Flevit officially begins, thanks to the support of the Municipality of Bronzolo There is now an additional factor binding the Holy Land with Italy, and in particular with the small town of Bronzolo in the province of Bolzano. A two-day meeting in Bronzolo, in fact, marked the beginning of a … Read More

Tekton pilgrimage group from Indiana returns safely home from Holy Land

R RLast Updated: July 13th, 2020Holy Land

A Tekton Ministries pilgrimage group from Indiana was scheduled to arrive home on July 31.  And they did.  The group, led by Fr. Jonathan Meyer of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis returned on schedule despite the present conflict between Israel and Palestine that led to the 2-day suspension of flights from the United States in late … Read More

Tekton Holy Land pilgrimage from Indiana makes the news as they make their trip despite security concerns

R RLast Updated: February 8th, 2021Holy Land, US News, World News

Only today was the FAA suspension of U.S. flights into Tel Aviv lifted.  Until then no U.S. planes were permitted to fly there.  Our Tekton Ministries Holy Land Catholic pilgrimage from Indiana was the second to last American plane to land, as you may have read in a press release we also published on our blog. … Read More

U.S. flight with Holy Land pilgrims from Indiana one of last to land at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport

R RLast Updated: September 16th, 2020Holy Land, US News, World News

A group of Hoosiers traveling on a religious pilgrimage with Tekton Ministries was the second-to-last American flight to land at Ben Gurion Airport. The pilgrims are now safely at their hotel. It was near 3:15 p.m. local time when a group of 20 people from Indiana safely landed at Ben Gurion International Airport on US … Read More

9 days in heaven

R RLast Updated: July 15th, 2014Holy Land, Spiritual Reflections, Uncategorized

  As we race towards sunrise and the Holy Land at 611 miles per hour, my mind races between my worries about changes at work and the wondrous sites that will be seeing over the next nine days.    9 Days later   This week everything about having been in the Holy Land is beginning … Read More