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Feast of the Ascension explained

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(Word on Fire, Fr. Robert Barron) We tend to read the Ascension along enlightenment lines, as if Christ has gone to a distant, irrelevant place. The biblical reality is this: Jesus, in ascending into heaven, has not gone “up, up, and away.” Rather, he has gone to heaven to direct operations more fully here on … Read More

”The Avengers” movie review by Fr. Robert Barron

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 (Word on Fire)C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and their colleagues in the Inklings wanted to write fiction that would effectively “evangelize the imagination,” accustoming the minds, especially of young people, to the hearing of the Christian Gospel. Accordingly, Tolkien’s Gandalf is a figure of Jesus the prophet and Lewis’s Aslan a representation of Christ as both … Read More