The Pilgrim's Journey

The Best Time for a Pilgrimage

Andrea JLast Updated: April 21st, 2023Featured Pilgrimages, Guadalupe, Holy Land, Ireland, Italy, Marian Shrines of Europe, Upcoming Pilgrimages

This is a question we get a lot from pilgrims who call or email us.  The answer can vary based upon priorities and circumstances, but the simplest answer is: anytime! As there are many pilgrimage locations throughout the world, there is always somewhere to go, no matter the season. Summer Summer provides more opportunities for … Read More

The Incomprehensible Beauty of Mary

Bri CampbellLast Updated: December 10th, 2020Guadalupe, Saints, Spiritual Reflections

I’ve only become interested in Our Lady of Guadalupe within the last 4 years or so. I’m a self-proclaimed artist who finds great joy in creating religious art. After completing pieces of many of my favorite saints to hang around my college home, and then my first apartment after graduating, I wanted to create a … Read More

La Virgencita, Patroness of the Americas

R RLast Updated: July 27th, 2023Guadalupe, Uncategorized

Mexico City can be an intimidating to fly into.  It’s not like San Diego when you are still flying but you’re able to see people at work through their office windows… above you.  Or like Washington D.C. when your ears pop and you transition from horizontal to vertical to horizontal within thirty seconds.  What makes … Read More