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Witness to humor, witness to Faith: Colbert shows us there is much more under the hood

Richard SontagLast Updated: September 16th, 2015Spiritual Reflections

“What’s worse than getting a mosquito bite?” “Decapitation.” Author and philosopher Henri Wald said of humor, “Humor brings forth the contrast between real and ideal with a view to criticizing the real.” One might be tempted to complain about a mosquito bite and the itch that ensues.  Mosquito bites are annoying, rarely anything more.  Yet that … Read More

Stephen Colbert’s Top 12 Most Catholic Moments

R RLast Updated: December 19th, 2014Church News, US News

(Busted Halo, by Joe Williams) Colbert brings his show to a close this week, so we’re taking a look back at his more Catholic moments as we prepare to say goodbye.  Stephen Colbert is not just America’s most famous Catholic (and self-proclaimed most famous Catholic), but in the past he’s also been named top choice for … Read More