Transform and Renew Your People Through Pilgrimage


The Benefits of Pilgrimage

Renew Your Parish & Be a True Shepherd to Your Flock

God has called you to do important work. But we know that isn’t always easy! You want every parishioner growing closer to Christ, yet often you feel that more and more of them are falling farther away. This lack of engagement can lead to empty pews, empty coffers, and tragically – empty souls. We’ve helped hundreds of priests lead a pilgrimage group to renew and strengthen their parishes. We can help guide you in renewing and transforming your flock into a vibrant community of believers who crave and live the Gospel. The benefits of pilgrimage are many and include:

Spiritual Renewal

Walking in the footsteps of Our Lord, pilgrims gain a deeper understanding of and insight into Scripture. The gospels are no longer filled with Bible “stories,” but rather our shared ancestry as children of God. As a result, their faith is renewed and revitalized, and the Mass comes alive!

Vibrant Parishes

The spiritual seeds planted on pilgrimage bear great fruit at home. Returning pilgrims participate more fully in the life of the Church through more frequent reception of the Sacraments, fellowship, and stewardship. In other words, they increase their capacity to live as disciples of Christ!

Peace & Purpose

The distractions and stress of our modern lives often leave us feeling something is “missing.” Pilgrimage helps us refresh, renew and re-center ourselves in Christ, filling that emptiness with God’s presence as He becomes tangible in the holy places and special people encountered along the way.
“To go on pilgrimage really means to step out of oneself in order to encounter God where he has revealed himself, where his grace has shone with particular splendor and produced rich fruits of conversion and holiness among those who believe.”
- Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Discover The Power of Pilgrimage

Hear one priest’s story of how pilgrimage converts hearts and makes Scripture come to life as parishioners walk in the footsteps of Christ, the Apostles, and our Blessed Mother.

Life-changing Destinations and Experiences

The holy sites and shrines of the Catholic Church are gifts of our Faith waiting to be received. They are gifts from God to help us find more of Heaven’s great graces through understanding and prayer. Your itinerary — the schedule of sites you visit and the activities you will do there — is custom tailored to the spiritual goals and needs of your individual group.

The Holy Land

Here pilgrims walk in the footsteps of Jesus and pray in the places where events in scripture actually occurred. Sacred sites include the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem; His childhood home in Nazareth; His baptismal site at the Jordan River; the locations of His early ministry around the Sea of Galilee; and places He spent His final days in and around Jerusalem.

Rome & the Vatican

Many pilgrims choose to visit the foundations of the Catholic church in Rome and Italy. There are four major pilgrimage churches in the Eternal City: St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Mary Major, St. John Lateran, and St. Paul’s Outside the Walls. A papal audience and a visit to the Vatican Museums, especially the Sistine Chapel, offer memorable experiences.

Marian Shrines

Devotion to Mary is an important reason for pilgrimage. Visiting her shrines offers a chance to honor, reflect and rejoice on the inspiration and intercession we receive from Our Blessed Mother. The foremost Marian shrines are at Lourdes, France; Fatima, Portugal; Guadalupe, Mexico; Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Czestochowa, Poland, and Knock, Ireland.
“A pilgrimage is experiencing our faith in a very tangible way with other people on the same journey. I think that’s what Christ meant for us…to grow our faith not in a solitary way, but in a communal way. Our pilgrims were all strangers to each other, and now they are bonded. They have connected in a way they wouldn’t have experienced just going to church together.”
-Fr. Pat Baikauskas, Diocese of Lafayette

The Pilgrimage Planning Process

At Tekton Ministries, we do everything possible to make every pilgrimage safe, easy, and fulfilling. We take care of the practical details so that you can have a memorable experience. From transportation and accommodations to meals and daily Mass, we help you plan a pilgrimage experience that’s rich and rewarding while leaving room for rest and prayer.


After you’ve prayerfully considered what destination and season are best suited to the spiritual goals of your parish, we begin discussing the length and dates of travel.
Plan Your Pilgrimage


We custom-design your itinerary around the needs of your pilgrims. We secure hotels, transportation, meals, Christian guides, and permissions and entry to the holy sites.
Promote Your Pilgrimage Together


Your custom-made toolkit helps you promote your pilgrimage from the pulpit, website, and bulletin. Online registration requires no extra effort from your busy staff.

The Tekton Difference

Tekton offers Authentic Catholic Pilgrimages. Each pilgrimage includes daily Mass in sacred sites, prayer, reflection, Christian guides, and adherence to USCCB pilgrimage guidelines.
“Tekton is unique in their pilgrimage ministry in that they get it. They really understand what a Catholic pilgrimage is all about.”
-Msgr. Bill Stumpf

Why Choose Tekton?

Tekton Ministries has been leading Catholic pilgrimages for more than 20 years. We work and listen closely to our priests and pilgrimage leaders to create thoughtfully planned itineraries. We help make the Catholic faith more tangible to your daily life by taking you where the seeds of Catholicism were first planted to be spread across the world. Daily Mass and time for prayerful reflection are important parts of each day’s experience.
20+ Years in Ministry
True pilgrimage – not religious tours
Custom-crafted itineraries
Authentic Catholic experiences
Inclusive, competitive pricing
Properly paced itineraries include daily Mass and time for reflection
Only Catholic/Christian guides
Prayerful pre-pilgrimage preparation
Custom guidebooks, name and luggage tags
Local offices and support worldwide
Free pilgrimage promotion materials
Easy online registration means no extra effort for your busy staff
"Pilgrimage should be planned and carried out as a genuinely religious exercise. Pilgrimage differs from religious tourism and study tours of the Holy Land."
- USCCB Guidelines for Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
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