Medjugorje Pilgrimages


Every year, nestled in the hills of Herzegovina and Bosnia, Medjugorje attracts thousands of pilgrims. Each person makes their own journey and each person has a unique story of why they feel called to this little village in eastern Europe.

The Story of Medjugorje

Since 1981, in a small village in Bosnia-Herzegovina named Medjugorje, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages to the world. Her message is one of peace and to draw believers closer to her Son.

Our Lady asks us to focus on the “Five Stones” to combat sin and error in our lives: Eucharist, Prayer, Fasting, Scripture, and Confession.

Since 1981 Ann has been a first-hand witness to the apparitions. Now, she serves as interpreter for the visionaries, as well as pilgrimage and retreat leader for groups coming to Medjugorje.

The Vatican’s Response to Medjugorje

Since 1986 when the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith stepped in regarding matters of Medjugorje multiple investigation have taken place. No reports from the Vatican have confirmed or denied the supernatural apparitions. The Vatican has welcomed private pilgrimage organized by the laity.

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In February of this year the Vatican sent a special Papal Envoy to Medjugorje.
“The mission has the aim of acquiring a deeper knowledge of the pastoral situation there and above all, of the needs of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, and on the basis of this, to suggest possible pastoral initiatives for the future,”
– Vatican Secretariat of State

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“My friends, you should be carriers of joyful news. And you can say to the whole world that in Medjugorje, there is a light… we need these spots of light in today’s world that is going down into darkness.”
– Archbishop Henryk Hoser

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Pilgrimage to Medjugorje
& Retreat with Fr. Zlatko Sudac

Fr. Zlatko Sudac: bio

Some of our Medjugorje groups will have the opportunity to spend three days on retreat with Fr. Zlatko Sudac, on the island of Krk. Fr. Sudac is a A Roman Catholic priest from the Diocese of Krk, Croatia. He is a mystic who has been given the Stigmata on his wrist, feet, side and a bleeding cross on his forehead, all of which have been verified by Vatican doctors as not being from human causes. He was ordained in 1998 and is currently a spiritual director and retreat leader at Bethany Retreat House on the island of Krk.   Click here for his complete bio…

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Upcoming Medjugorje Pilgrimages

Pilgrimage Location:Departure Date:Return Date:Price:Departure City*Download Brochure
Medjugorje9/26/201710/5/2017$1,995NewarkDownload Brochure
Santiago de Compostela10/3/201710/14/2017$3,070New York JFKDownload Brochure
Holy Land10/10/201710/20/2017$2,750DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land10/18/201710/29/2017$2,940ChicagoDownload Brochure
Italy - Pastoral Reflections Institute11/3/201711/12/2017$5,330DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land11/6/201711/17/2017$3,620Minneapolis Saint PaulDownload Brochure
Medjugorje/ Fr. Sudac Retreat11/24/201712/4/2017$1,995Chicago O'HareDownload Brochure
Holy Land11/28/201712/8/2017$3,095New York JFKDownload Brochure
Medjugorje/ Fr. Sudac Retreat11/29/201712/9/2017$2,175Chicago O'HareDownload Brochure
Italy12/27/20171/5/2018$3,105IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land1/22/20182/1/2018$3,340IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land1/29/20182/9/2018$3,125DallasDownload Brochure
Holy Land2/2/20182/12/2018$3,995IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land2/19/20183/1/2018$TBDPittsburghBrochure not yet available.
Italy3/8/20183/19/2018$3,540SeattleDownload Brochure
France3/9/20183/18/2018$3,355CincinnatiDownload Brochure
Greece and Turkey4/16/20184/27/2018$3,310SeattleDownload Brochure
Holy Land4/17/20184/28/2018$3,135BostonDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/4/20185/14/2018$2,775New York JFKDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/14/20185/24/2018$3,920LincolnDownload Brochure
Holy Land5/29/20186/8/2018$2,530TampaDownload Brochure
Italy6/4/20186/14/2018$3,275IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Ireland8/21/20188/31/2018$TBDCincinnatiBrochure not yet available.
Holy Land6/25/20187/5/2018$3,395CincinnatiDownload Brochure
Italy6/4/20186/15/2018$3,795LincolnDownload Brochure
Germany4/16/20184/27/2018$3,675IndianapolisDownload Brochure
Holy Land6/19/20186/29/2018$3,570OmahaDownload Brochure
Marian Shrines9/12/20189/23/2018$TBDOmaha / Lincoln*Brochure not yet available,
Italy3/16/20183/25/2017$2,650Omaha*Brochure not yet available,