January 22-27

Pope Francis has invited the young people of the world to join him in Panama for the next World Youth Day. Already parishes and dioceses are making plans to pilgrimage to join the Holy Father.

Panama is the bridge between two continents and in 2019 young people from around the globe will flock to this tiny nation. They, as with all World Youth Day pilgrims since 1986, have sought to bridge the sacred and the secular; to take our faith to the culture and share it passionately.

World Youth Day Schedule

Jan. 22nd: Opening Mass with Archbishop Jose Domingo Ulloa Mendieta
Jan. 23rd-25th: Morning Catechetical sessions, afternoon and evening prayer and worship events
Jan. 26th: Morning pilgrimage walk to vigil site, afternoon prayer opportunities, evening vigil with the Pope
Jan. 27th: Morning Mass celebrated by Pope Francis and next World Youth Day announced

The Panamanian Bishops have invited the world with open arms after Pope Francis’s announcement. Tekton will be leading pilgrim groups and diocese in a variety of trips including:

• A 4 day weekend-pilgrimage,
• A full World Youth Day experience,
• An option to begin your journey in Mexico City with Our Lady of Guadalupe for 3 days.

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