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Court Rules Pro-Life Views Are “Patently Offensive,” Bans “Choose Life” License Plates in New York; Livingston Strongly Dissents

Richard SontagLast Updated: July 14th, 2020US News

(LifeNews, Steven Ertelt) A federal appeals court has issued a ruling banning Choose Life license plates in New York state and claimed in its decision that pro-life views are “patently offensive.” The court issued ruling in The Children First Foundation v. Fiala, which rejects a pro-adoption group’s application to sponsor a “Choose Life” specialty plate … Read More

New York, Catholics, and a boatload of Christmases

R RLast Updated: July 14th, 2020Church News

The first Christmas tree placed in New York’s famed Rockefeller Plaza was done so during The Great Depression in 1931.  The official celebration of the lighting of the tree began two years later and has grown ever since.  Seeing these photos, the oldest and newest side-by-side, is nostalgic but also inviting.  It invites an even deeper look … Read More