Young Tekton Pilgrims Headed to World Youth Day

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Recently, The Catholic Moment, the diocesan newspaper for the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana carried a story by Catholic News Service talking about Pope Francis’ trip to Brazil in July.  Some may say, “Brazil?!? Why is he going to Brazil?”  Well, if you didn’t know, you do now.  Three little words with a huge meaning- World.  Youth.  Day.

For those who may not have heard or seen anything about it in the news, and likely in the United States you didn’t, these events, started by Blessed John Paul II, draw hundreds of thousands of youth.  No joke.  The largest-to-date was in the Philippines with over 5,000,000 young people.  5 million!  In 2011, the event was hosted in Madrid and saw between 1.5-2 million pilgrims.  

What brave souls are taking young pilgrims from Indiana, Wisconsin, and Missouri to this year’s World Youth Day in Brazil?  Funny you ask.  Tekton Ministries is.  And we’re honored to do so.  The faith of many young people these days inspire us just as it did the founder of World Youth Day.
As a pilgrimage provider who’s been around for a while, we tailor our pilgrimages to our priests and their pilgrims.  Whether it be Brazil with 2,000,00 youth or Ireland with 30 adult children of immigrant parents, Tekton works hard (and I mean really hard) to journey with you on your pilgrimage of faith.