Two days and counting

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Fr. Peter Vasko, OFM, and pilgrims depart for the Holy Land in less than two days.  JFK Airport will serve as the launch pad for yet another pilgrimage to the Holy Land. To the 25+ pilgrims, Fr. Vasko will share his wealth of experience and knowledge of the land God chose to redeem mankind.  
Pilgrims who return from there are rarely disappointed as they encounter the Holy Spirit through an unexpected vehicle- geography. Growing up, I always like geography class but never as much listening to the guide in accented English explain the landscape of the Lord.  You cannot help but feel an intoxication of the spirit as you close your eyes, ankle deep in the Sea of Galilee, smell the air, listen to waves and imagine Jesus walking on the water toward you with his hand raised in blessing and mercy.  
“Not a bad tought a’tall,” as the Irish say.  Especially not as our Church closes in on the holy Solemnity of Pentecost.  
Please pray for our Tekton pilgrims as they depart this Wednesday.