Tekton Sends Pilgrims to WYD

Richard SontagLast Updated: March 29th, 2023Pope Francis, World Youth Day

Tekton Ministries had the pleasure of arranging the pilgrimages for World Youth Day in Poland, Germany. It sent a total of 225 pilgrims both youth and young adults from South Dakota and Indiana. Pilgrims traveled to Krakow, Poland for a seven-day worldwide encounter with Pope Francis and 1.6 million other young Catholics. These pilgrims each set fear aside and opened their hearts to the journey God was calling them to experience.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we must learn to follow and to follow we must learn to trust. A pilgrimage allows one to accept whatever road has been offered – the accommodations, fellow travelers, the weather, the inconveniences, the hardships, the annoyances. If we choose to trust that God is calling us on a journey and He is directing it, we can relax and be open to the lessons He seeks to teach us. We trust that God will walk the way with us, no matter what happens. He doesn’t promise to make the way easy; He simply says “I will be with you.”

World Youth Day takes place every three years. During the seven-day event, pilgrims are invited to take in the local culture and encounter Christ through events such as Theology on Tap and catechesis designed for pilgrims from all around the world.

Each World Youth Day is concluded with Mass with the Pope. Youth from all around the world meet together as one, the living Body of Christ, to celebrate their youth and Catholic faith.

In addition to the World Youth Day events in Krakow, Tekton also sent pilgrims to Rome and Prague.

Tekton Ministries sent 168 youth and young adults from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, 11 seminarians from St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology and 46 youth from Rapid City, South Dakota to Krakow.

A pilgrimage is a special encounter with God. Tekton continues to pray for these young people as they bring back their stories and spiritual experiences.

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