Tekton pilgrimage group from Indiana returns safely home from Holy Land

R RLast Updated: July 13th, 2020Holy Land

A Tekton Ministries pilgrimage group from Indiana was scheduled to arrive home on July 31.  And they did.  The group, led by Fr. Jonathan Meyer of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis returned on schedule despite the present conflict between Israel and Palestine that led to the 2-day suspension of flights from the United States in late July.  Their flight was the 2nd to last American flight to land before the suspension.

Fr. Meyer and his pilgrims posted photos during their Catholic pilgrimage and let family and friends know they felt safe the entire time.  Fr. Meyer wrote:

I am BACK…it was a GREAT trip…we were safe the entire pilgrimage and never felt un-safe. Thanks be to GOD. I prayed for all of you!!!!! Glad to be home and LIVE the graces and experiences I received.

Tekton Ministries would like to thank Fr. Meyer and the pilgrims for trusting us to provide them a safe and spiritual pilgrimage.