Museum pieces, no; they inspire us to grow in holiness

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How many tour companies can assure you that you will have a priest on almost every single pilgrimage who offers confessions and daily Mass?  Not many.  But we do.

Part of that is the collaborative work of our ministry with priests.  Part of that is that we take prayer seriously on our pilgrimage as an authentic, Catholic pilgrimage provider.  But our priests have to be encouraged to make/lead pilgrimages.  Not only is a pilgrimage good for the priest himself but for his people as well.

Some think of Catholic shrines as museums.  As one priest said to a group of interested pilgrims the other night, “They’re not there to be museum pieces but to inspire us to grow in holiness.”

Well said Father!

Please encourage your parish priest to lead a pilgrimage with us.  Talk to him and have him call us.  Or we’ll call him. Either way, let’s get our priests on a pilgrimage!