Like a sparrow in a hurricane – Tomorrow’s reading reflection

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Recently on a very windy day, I was sitting in the sun room of a retreat center.  The wind was howling and snow flurries were not falling exactly but blowing in all directions.  It was very chaotic outside and I was feeling chaotic inside.  As I continued to sit, a blue jay alighted in the magnolia tree outside the window.  He sat very still in the wind and then suddenly began to call out. He was close enough that I could see him move when he was talking.  He stayed for a long time, still and content in the midst of chaos.  It was not hard to notice God calling me in creation that day.  This moment of grace, of peace in the midst of chaos, moves me forward on my journey to wholeness and holiness. It has invited me to be attentive to the world around me, the person in front of me and the God within me.

How is God calling you to holiness today?
(Adapted from Amy Hoover)