Real-world locations that inspired Disney movies

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One of the places that inspired Disney’s Tangled is a frequent pilgrimage site for Tekton Ministries Catholic Pilgrimages to France.  The pilgrimage site is called Mont Saint-Michel and is found in Normandy, France.  On this Catholic pilgrimage, you will fall in love with France as you eat the French cuisine and visit the holy shrines of Lourdes, Notre Dame, Chartres, Sts. Therese of Lisieux, John Vianney, Joan or Arc and many other sites and cities like Lyon, Toulouse and Mont Saint-Michel.  More now about the painting that inspired Tangled.

(Fox) French artist Laurent Ben-Mimoun looked to the romantic oil paintings of 18th-century artist Fragonard to create the concept art for Tangled. He started with the vision of a Renaissance castle from which Rapunzel could let down her hair, recalling Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy. As production progressed, he added medieval and French Renaissance influences—like small round towers inspired by Château de Chenonceau—as well as hints of modern architecture, like the triangular composition of the Century City Twin Towers in Los Angeles.

(Whenonearth) Disneyland isn’t what we’re going to talk about. It’s going to be all about the places that made it into the sketchbooks of the creatives behind every Disney animation. These illustrations later became the backdrops that completed every classic Disney animation – from 2D to 3D – loved by all ages. Some settings were made by drawing inspiration from different real-life locations and combining them into a whole new fictional town; while some were entirely based on specific locations. Find out the real-life places that inspired your favorite Disney animated movies:

Arendelle Chapel from Disney’s Frozen and St. Olaf’s Stave Church, Balestrand, Norway.  Yes! Olaf isn’t just a name of a snowman but also the name of a saint and a stave church in Norway. The church was erected in memory of Margaret Sophie Green Kvikne – a vicar’s daughter from Yorkshire, England – who was never comfortable with the Lutheran rituals in Norwegian churches. Thus, an Anglican church was built under the the spiritual administration of the Bishop of Gibraltar.


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