Encounter Christ this Sunday, June 2nd w/Pope Francis

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It’s the first time it’s ever happened.  Pope Francis has called for all the cathedrals around the world to participate with him in a universal Eucharistic holy hour at 5pm Rome time on Sunday, June 2nd.  Why he is doing so?  To celebrate Corpus Christi.  What are his prayer intentions?  There are two.

1) For the obedience of the Church so that she appear before the world as “beautiful, without spot or wrinkle, holy and without blemish.”
2) For victims of violence, drugs, human trafficking, economic insecurity and social marginalization.

Here’s the tricky thing.  5pm Rome time is 11am EST, 10am CST and so on.  Most U.S. parishes will be busy having Mass at the same time the Pope is calling for the holy hour.  So, some bishops/priests have switched Mass times. Some have decided to hold the holy hour at a later time.  Some, well, haven’t decided anything at all.  Or at least they have not published it on any online sources.

What can you do?  Make a pilgrimage to a local Church that is holding a holy hour in union with the Holy Father’s intentions.  You could also make a pilgrimage to your diocesan cathedral for the same.  You might want to call them or check their websites, however, in order to make sure you are there at the correct time and if, indeed, they are having the holy hour.

Either way Tekton Ministries is happy to be a part of this Eucharistic holy hour seeing as how prayer is such a major focus for us on our Catholic pilgrimages.  As we tell pilgrims, it’s more than just seeing sites. It’s about encountering Jesus in these holy places!