Destination weddings, Catholic-style

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Non-Catholic couples often decide on “destination weddings”.  What are they?  They are weddings in which the bride and groom choose an exotic resort or a favorite place they share in order to get married.  Catholics can also do so but in a Catholic Church near or in that location.  But what about this idea?  A Catholic pilgrimage as a way of celebrating a destination wedding?

That was the case for two Italians who met on a pilgrimage and fell in love.  They made the decision to return to the place they fell in love and, there, be united in holy matrimony in the midst of their family, friends, fellow pilgrims and even pilgrims who happened to be visiting the Church at the time.  The Church of St. Catherine, located near the Church of the Nativity, was host for the wedding which was a simple, spirit-filled celebration of the Lord and our pilgrimage to him- and in this case, as a man and woman joining together in the sacred bond of marriage began to do so together.

Congratulazioni! Per Cent’Anni!

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