Contribution – Tomorrow’s reading reflection

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As we hear David thanking God for the promise of kingship to his family, little did he realize that these promises would find their deepest meaning when Jesus took his place as king, at the Father’s right hand. In a way that could not have been understood by David so long before, the Gospel words were fulfilled, that “the measure you give will be the measure you get.”

Only by making our own personal contribution in full measure – knowing that we do not fully understand yet continuing to trust that God is writing straight with the crooked lines of history and of life – will we taste the promise, “you will receive, and more besides.” By uniting our destiny with the death and resurrection of Jesus, the lamp is taken from beneath the bushel basket and placed on a lampstand. If we can extend that figure of speech a little, the lamp is placed on a stand in the Holy of Holies so that we can perceive the wonderful mystery of God’s love for us.
(Adapted from ACP)