I have made the pilgrimage of a lifetime

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Seminarian Corey Bruns

Seminarian Corey Bruns

Words cannot express how blessed I have been over the past week. Getting to walk in the Footsteps of Christ, from his humble birth in the cave stable in Bethlehem to his ministry along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, to his entry into Jerusalem, and his cruel death upon the Cross. Finally experiencing the joys of His Resurrection from the tomb. I have made the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

My faith has been strengthened and my relationship with Christ deepened. I can’t name just one place or one experience that was my favorite. If I had to, I could probably name three sites, but that’s not really important. What is important is taking what I have learned and experienced and sharing it with others. I have come to know Jesus Christ in such an amazing way and will marvel and relish as the Scriptures continue to come alive for me in different ways for years to come.

Thinking back to the passage from John 6, 68-9 where Christ has just given the Bread of Life Discourse, explaining the Eucharist, some of those following could not understand the meaning behind eating the body and blood of Christ and they left him. Turning to the remaining ones, Jesus asked: “And do you also wish to leave? Peter turning to him said: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. You are the Christ, the Son of God.”

I am so thankful for my Catholic faith that I have received from my family and those who have built it up and encouraged me along the way thus far. After this trip I am extremely indebted and thankful to those who made it possible. Without your generosity I would not have been able to go. Thank-you so much!

Here I am pictured outside the Church of St. Ann, where I prayed for all of you from my parish and anyone else who helped make this trip possible. May God reward you as abundantly as he has blessed me this past week!

“Domine, ad quem ibimus? Verba vitae aeternae habes. Tu es Christus Filius Dei.” (“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. You are the Christ, the Son of God.)