100 babies: A women’s center that helps every step of the way

R RLast Updated: July 14th, 2020Church News, US News

(CNA/EWTN News ,By Mary Rezac)  Lynn Grandon kept a tally on her desk of how many babies she knew the Denver Lighthouse women’s center had helped bring into this world.

Last week, an e-mail from a nurse at the center confirmed that five more women had given birth – bringing the total to 100. Grandon, the director of Lighthouse, could barely contain her excitement.

“I called her back on the phone and I was screaming and I was going, ‘Do you realize what this means? We’ve hit 100!’” Grandon recalled.

The Lighthouse Women’s Center, which is operated by Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Denver, has probably saved many more babies. They do their best to follow up with women who have come to them for care, but sometimes they lose touch.

The celebration is also bittersweet, Grandon told CNA, because there are some who seek help at Lighthouse who end up miscarrying their child.


“Those, in their own precious way, are triumphs too, because she did everything in her heart that was the right thing to do in a difficult situation,” Grandon reflected. “So we honor the decisions of those women too, it just doesn’t get such a public face, so that’s the behind-the-scenes story that’s just as meaningful to us.”

Lighthouse offers a revolutionary approach to crisis pregnancy care, which they call a “continuum of care.” Depending on the client, that care may include emergency assistance, shelter, counseling, child care and victim assistance, in addition to provision of diapers and material needs for moms with newborns and infants. Their connections to other Catholic services and centers in the archdiocese means they…

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