Big news on two fronts!

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Big news on two fronts: 
1) Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II have been officially cleared for canonization!  The date is still to be determined but it looks at if it might make for a fitting end to the Year of Faith this upcoming November.  (That’s where I’m putting my money anyway.)  Along with other traditions that seem to be falling to the wayside with our new pope is the tradition for a second miracle.  Blessed John XXIII has been cleared without such, something that has not happened for a very, very long time.   Click here to read more on this.
2) Pope Francis, not one who has a hard time saying all sorts of things as said much on this Friday.  Not only did he announce the canonization of the two recent popes but he also released his first encyclical.  Click here for a link to Lumen Fidei. (Just so you know, it’s 88 pages in length so you may want to find more than an hour to peruse it.)