5 Reasons You Can Bet It’s Safe to Travel to the Holy Land

R RLast Updated: July 13th, 2020Holy Land

Many pilgrims and potential pilgrims are asking if it is safe to go to the Holy Land on pilgrimage. The answer is YES!

Here are 5 sure ways you know it’s safe to travel to the Holy Land.

1. 18 Bishops just got back from there on September 18th. Bishops don’t go somewhere they don’t think is safe

separation-wall2. Jerusalem is hosting a Formula One race on October 6-7th. Million dollar race car drivers don’t go somewhere they don’t think is safe.

F130614DV205 3. 2,500 pilgrims from India visited the Holy Land in honor of the Marian feast day on September 13th.

Indian_Chaplaincy_procession_on_feast_of_Nativity_of_Mary_Catholic_News_Agency_Credit_Fr_Tojy_Jose_ofm_92414_CNA 4. 1000’s of pilgrims are planning on going to the annual Marching Band Parade on October 14, 2014.

marching-band-2 5. Annual Chamber Music Festival in Jerusalem successfully brought together top classical performers, who don’t go somewhere they don’t think is safe.